General API information

Here are features of diecutter API’s root endpoint, i.e. /.


In the examples below, let’s communicate with a diecutter server using Python requests.

This diecutter serves diecutter’s demo templates.

The diecutter_url variable holds root URL of diecutter service, i.e. something like

API version

diecutter root API endpoint returns an “hello” message and shows software version:

>>> response = requests.get(diecutter_url)
>>> response.status_code
>>> print response.json()['diecutter']
>>> import diecutter
>>> response.json()['version'] == diecutter.__version__

List supported engines

Ask the diecutter server API index to get the list of engines:

>>> response = requests.get(diecutter_url)
>>> response.json()['engines']
[u'django', u'filename', u'jinja2']