Let’s try diecutter!

Online SAAS

There is an online server hosting diecutter:

In most cases, and Client howto reference should be enough for you to discover diecutter.

In sourcecode

The demo/ directory in diecutter’s sourcecode [1] contains templates in templates/ folder. They are basically used for documentation (doctests).

Feel free to use it as a sandbox.

Local demo server

Here are instructions to run diecutter‘s demo on your machine.

System requirements:

  • Python [2] version 2.7, available as python command.


    You may use Virtualenv [3] to make sure the active python is the right one.

  • make and wget to use the provided Makefile.


git clone
cd diecutter/
make develop
make serve

The last command runs diecutter service on localhost, port 8106. Check it at http://localhost:8106/


If you cannot execute the Makefile, read it and adapt the few commands it contains to your needs.


Examples using the demo’s templates are explained in Client howto.